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Shir Mnuchin Lecture – October 24
Test3Shir Mnuchin holds an MBA in Social Leadership and a BA in Israel Studies, Politics and Government, with honors, from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She has served as an Israeli Emissary in the United States, leading lectures, educational and social programming and cultural events.
As former international relations coordinator for BGU’s Student Union, Shir has initiated and established an infrastructure of long term programs for international students as part of the internationalization process of the university.
In the past few years, Shir has been involved extensively in community oriented projects combining a great passion for social justice and empowerment while practicing leadership. Until recently she has been working for the World Zionist Organization, recruiting Israeli Emissaries for Shlichut abroad.
Fairhope Film Festival – November 6-9

Dr. Adelman – November 12th
Dr. Jonathan Adelman
Mobile International Festival – November 19-22
Mobile Jewish Film Festival
January 11-22, 2015
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