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Hello from Arad Lerner

Hello everyone!
My name is Arad, kind of hard to pronounce but we will work on it! I am very very very(!) excited to come to Mobile and be the new Shaliach! I am looking forward to meeting the people in the community and having a fruitful year filled with Israeli love.

I currently live in Herzeliya which is a city 10 minutes north of Tel-Aviv (yes,I know, everyone says that they are 10 minutes away from Tel-Aviv but I am actually 10 minutes from Tel Aviv! And I mean Israel is a small country).

I live here with my dear Mom, Poriya (which means fruitful) and my lovable Dad, Shlomo (biblical name) who recently moved to a place called Moshav Geulim.

I have 2 wonderful sisters that live in New York. One named Moran, who has lived there for about 16 years. She is married to an Israeli and they have two adorable kids Eli (6) and Yehonatan (Jonathan 1). My second sister, Aharona, moved to New York 4 years ago and is working in the Ministry of Defense, while studying speech therapy.

And then there’s me! I studied film and communication in high school and was a combat medic in the IDF. I enjoy sports, tv shows, movies, good books and of course music! I love traveling, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and seeing new places. Of course, there is much more about me but you will have to ask! I’d love to see all of you throughout the year in the different events!

Thank you so much for the wonderful Welcome Party on Sunday, the 24th. Between meeting you in Temple Friday night and the Synagogue on Saturday morning and the party, I feel like I’ve met all of my new home and community. Thank you to the Mobile Area Jewish Federation for this opportunity.


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  • RITA August 25, 2014, 1:10 pm

    Welcome to MOBILE, Arad !!! So happy you’re here !! You are bringing the wonderful world of Israel to us and we’re so lucky !

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