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Found and lost

I’m not sure that you all know, but the majority of Israeli’s after their military service usually would go to travel the world for a few months. The hotspots are usually south and Central America, Thailand and India area, some would go to Europe or North America, but the common thing between all of them […]

A successful journey never ends

It’s past my deadline, but of course, I mean it’s never easy to say goodbye. August 16th is a date that will be forever engraved in my memory, it’s the day I came to Mobile for the first time and started this huge and amazing experience, and it will be my last day in Mobile […]

Springtime in Israel

“A lot of Joy, Spring has come, Passover is coming.” This is a phrase from a very famous song in Hebrew. Of course, in Hebrew those lines rhyme: “Simcha raba, simcha raba, aviv hageea, pesach ba”. Springtime in Israel is one of the most beautiful times. The grass is green; the flowers are flourishing; and […]

Chanukah in Israel

Shalom ya’ll. This month I would like to tell you a little bit about Chanukah in Israel. The atmosphere is set pretty early (like Christmas is here in the United States). You see soofganiyot, the Chanukah donuts, round pastries (that indicates how you are going to look if you keep eating them) filled with jelly […]

My Time in the Military

On November 14th 2012, Israel has decided to take action and respond to the terror attacks committed by Hamas towards Israel soldiers and civilians, operation “Pillar of defense” officially started with the killing of Ahmed Jabari, chief of the Gaza military wing of Hamas. At that time I was still a soldier with only 4 […]

Hello from Arad Lerner

Hello everyone! My name is Arad, kind of hard to pronounce but we will work on it! I am very very very(!) excited to come to Mobile and be the new Shaliach! I am looking forward to meeting the people in the community and having a fruitful year filled with Israeli love. I currently live […]

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