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The MAJF is a non-profit charitable organization rooted in traditional Jewish values of justice (Tzedek), repairing the world (Tikkun Olam), acts of loving kindness (Gemilut Chessed), and Jewish peoplehood (Klal Yisrael). We are committed and exist to serve the Mobile area, Baldwin County, Israel and the world in support of these values – for today, tomorrow and the future of our people.
In 1937, in reponse to the need to rescue the remnants of Nazi occupied Europe, Mobile instituted it’s annual United Jewish Appeal Campaign. The Mobile Jewish Welfare Fund, Inc., was incorporated as an official organization on March 22, 1966. In later years, the name changed to The Mobile Area Jewish Federation, Inc. (MAJF). We are a network community affiliated with the Jewish Federations of North America and bridge both of Mobile’s Jewish congregations. The MAJF is a non-profit charitable organization which utilizes tax-deductible contributions to support vulnerable Jewish communities in Israel and the Former Soviet Union, some of which literally depend on these funds for subsistence. MAJF also supports Hillels at University of Alabama and Auburn University, and the Jewish Childrens’ Regional Service (Jewish camp scholarships to deserving children). It supports Gan Shalom Preschool, The Mobile Jewish Film Festival, Mobile Christian-Jewish Dialogue, Jewish Family Services of Mobile, Holocaust teacher education programs in public and private schools sponsored by the Gulf Coast Center for Holocaust Education, the annual Israel Independence Day celebration, the Israel display at the Mobile International Festival, and the Israeli Scout Caravan performances. We bring a young Israeli to live in Mobile every year to educate our youth, adults and the community about Israel.
The MAJF is an important and worthy organization. Our board consists of community leaders and represents a cross section of the Mobile area Jewish community. We are proud of the work we do, and we look forward to continued success. We thank you for your support of MAJF.


Neil Sass, President
Jean Harper, Vice President
Carol Eberlein, Treasurer
Larry Voit, Secretary
Jason Solomon, Past President


Jeff Redisch
Eileen Susman
Michael Cohen
Rickie Voit
Nathan Handmacher
Judy Aronson
Barry Silverman
John Webster III
Priscilla Gold-Darby
Jennifer Altmayer

Directors Ex-Officio

Patricia Silverman, JFS President
Rabbi Steven Silberman, Ahavas Chesed Synagogue
Rabbi Dana Kaplan, Springhill Avenue Temple
John Webster III, Synagogue President
Alan Hirsch, Temple President

Directors Emeritus

Mark Berkin
Herbert Meisler
Lowell Friedman
Irving Silver
Iris F. Klein
Doris Claire Stein
Ben Meisler


Rita Whitlock