It’s spring and time to begin our 2018 Mobile Area Jewish Federation Annual Campaign.  As co-chairs, we would like to thank you for your support of previous campaigns, and if this is your first year, welcome to your first!

As a small Jewish Federation directed by the interests and needs of our community.  We have serious discussions about how best to serve the Jewish community, both at home and abroad.  How much do we send to Israel, how much do we spend locally, and how to do both with an eye on the Jewish future? We are responding to the interest and needs of our local community.

Susan Sass, Co-Chair & Pricilla Gold-Darby, Co-Chair

We are affiliated with what is now known as Jewish Federations of North America.  We send the largest portion of our donations to JFNA.  Our donations are our voice.  JFNA takes that money and combines it with the contributions of other communities, in effect making our voice louder!

“By combining our voices and efforts we are also maximizing the outcomes we can achieve.  Together we actively pursue the ideal of Tikuun Olam, repairing the world.”

Our efforts are mirrored at home and abroad as we strive to help those in need by supporting cultural activities, and supporting Israel through JFNA social service programs, not to government agencies.  The funds are distributed to the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Joint Distribution Committee.  The Jewish Agency funnels its portion to Israeli programs serving those in need.  Much of the money has always gone to immigrant absorption, setting up in new apartments, teaching them Hebrew, culture, history, and preparing them for employment.  Internationally the JFNA sends its funds to Jews in need around the world to include the Former Soviet Union, Cuba, and anywhere Jews have been persecuted and/or are living in poverty.

Locally In 2017 our funds went to various groups that support the Jewish community. Our 2018 Report outlines where these funds are spent.  Already funded this year is first time student scholarships for studying in Israel, sponsorship of No Child’s Play, Mobile Museum of Art, an exhibit, speaker and reception from American Society for Yad Vashem.  This fall we are sponsoring Southern Jewish Historical Society’s October Meeting here in Mobile. We will always consider new applicants for funding, but we need the funds.

“This year’s campaign goal is $120,000 which provides funding to continue our work and expand further programs to develop Jewish life and culture in Mobile.  There is a wonderful vitality in Mobile that inspires us to commit ourselves to the 2018 Annual Campaign.  We are dedicated to insuring a vibrant, Jewish future for generations to come.  We feel so strongly about our future we are willing to increase our personal pledge by 20% and invite you to join us by increasing your pledge.”

“By investing today, you insure the longevity of a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come”