A successful journey never ends

It’s past my deadline, but of course, I mean it’s never easy to say goodbye.
August 16th is a date that will be forever engraved in my memory, it’s the day I came to Mobile for the first time and started this huge and amazing experience, and it will be my last day in Mobile as well.
365 days, a whole year, in which I got to meet so many wonderful people, go inside their homes and kitchens and hopefully their hearts.
A whole year where I became a part of a family and felt so welcomed into it as well, in every other community I’ve been to I always felt that I like it better in my community.
It became my home, by all means.
The first time I noticed it, was when I was driving my car back from somewhere, I was driving on the bridge across the river, and just had this feeling that I’m safe now, or when you are on Airport Blvd. you just feel you’re home now, and you feel calmer.
Before joining the I.D.F I had some worries, I just felt like I want to be done with it already and start my life, I was always rushing to the next thing, the next chapter.
One night I had a conversation about it with someone very dear to me, he said “you keep trying the skip to the end, the end is known, enjoy the way”.
His words echo in my mind till this day and I truly try to live by that.
This past year is one of the most significant experiences I had in my life.
This place and you people will forever be in my heart and mind.
One of my favorite quotes is in Hebrew so I’ll translate:
“ A successful journey never ends, the miles do, but the time stays engraved in you, becomes a part of you, at the end of the journey I don’t feel as if I won, but grateful, like the road has passed through me and not like I’ve past through the road”.
I hope the meaning didn’t got lost in translation, I’m so happy our roads crossed.
Unfortunately it feels like a lot of the times conversations with people got cut in middle because of one reason or another. I would like to apologize for that and let you know that I would love to hear from you if you have any more questions or things you want to talk about with me, this is why I’m here!
So we have till the last week of May, and if not you can always email me to Aradlerner@gmail.com

Shalom Y’all.

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