February 2021


February 8, 2021 

The properly noticed meeting of the Board of Directors of the Mobile Area Jewish Federation, Inc. was called to order by Immediate Past President Susan Sass on February 8, 2021. 

Also present were board members Steve Katz, Judy Aronson, Michael Cohen, Ken Bloch, Josh Isen, Steve Muhlfelder, Saundra Grace, Jonathan Fratkin, Neil Sass, Jeff Redisch, Barry Silverman, Priscilla Gold-Darby, Larry Voit, Rabbi Steven Silberman, and Cassie Morgenstern, Executive Director. 

The meeting was held virtually via Zoom teleconference. Each person who attended the meeting affirmatively stated his or her consent to the electronic participation via Zoom, that he or she waived the right to require members to be physically present to count in a quorum, vote, and otherwise participate in the meeting. 

It was duly moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the December 13, 2020 board of directors meeting. The motion passed. 

Treasurer's Report. Ken Bloch reported that all approved allocations have been disbursed. Please see the attached agenda for the status of bank accounts. He advised that the certificate of deposit at PNC Bank has matured. The CD interest rate was less than the money market account rate, so the CD was liquidated and the funds were moved into the MAJF money market account on February 1, 2021. The proceeds from the CD will be separately accounted for and reserved in the same way as when the funds were invested in the CD. 

He also reported on a miscalculation on withholding taxes for the Internal Revenue Service. There was a penalty of $183.00 and $45.00 interest assessed. The underpayment was about $60.00. Our CPA, Jackie Jones is handling this. She will also be working on other bank fee reductions. 

Program Committee. Judy Aronson reported on the proposed Zev Orenstein Program for Israel Independence Day. Another program under consideration is a virtual tour of the new City of David Excavations. Saundra Grace is working on a women's program for May or June. 

Cassie Morgenstern reported that the Schlicha for Alabama for this year is Metav, who is a student from Ramat Gan, Israel. She is in Memphis, and we will be sharing her with the Huntsville and Montgomery communities. Cassie is working on a program to have her involved in our community virtually for a maximum 30 hours. 

Campaign. Cassie Morgenstern reported that the final campaign amount for 2020 is $101,001.00. Of that $87,000.00 has been collected. Invoices for unpaid amounts have been sent. Total allocations is $69,000.00. We need to begin the 2021 campaign. We will begin to use the grant/scholarship request form which is available on our website. 

Film Festival. Barry Silverman and Rickie Voit reported that the 20th Annual Mobile Jewish Film Festival will be held March 5-26, 2021. It will be held virtually. We will be partnering with the Pensacola and Huntsville Jewish Federations for two of the films. The Birmingham Jewish Federation will also publicize our films. There will be 7 films, and each will be available for a 3 day viewing window. The Pensacola and Huntsville Federations will make financial accommodations with us and do their own publicity. 

It was duly moved and seconded to approve a sponsorship of $250.00 for the Alabama State Yom HaShoah virtual program. The motion passed. 

Cassie Morgenstern reported on the status of website development options. It was duly moved and seconded to engage the Jewish Federations of North America for development of MAJF's new website on terms proposed by JFNA. The motion passed. 

The meeting was thereupon adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Lawrence B. Voit Secretary 

Date: 13-31-21 


Mobile Area Jewish Federation February 8, 2021 Telephonic Board Meeting Agenda 


Opening Meeting 

Special Telephonic Meeting Statement of Consent Ask everyone individually to affirmatively state his or her consent to electronic participation, and that he or she waives the right to require members to be physically present to count in a quorum, vote, and otherwise participate in the meeting. 

D'Var Torah 

Rabbi Silberman 

Minutes Approval 

Ken Bloch 

Treasurer's Report (As of 1/29) Checking $43,605 Money Market $145,312.10 Certificate of Deposit : $93,505.49 

New Business 

1. Committee Reports 

a. Programming 

Judy Aronson and Saundra Grace 

2. 2020 Annual Campaign and Allocations Update 

Cassie Morgenstern 

3. Virtual Shlicha for Alabama 

Cassie Morgenstern 

4. Film Festival Update 

Rickie Voit 

5. Alabama Yom HaShoah Funding Request 

Susan Sass 

6. New Website Decision 

Larry Voit 

Mark your calendars for the Next Board Meeting - 4/12/2021