Message from Jason

The Gaza War escalating in Israel affects us all. Many of us have friends and family living in harm’s way as the conflict rages on. Let’s please keep all Israelis in our thoughts and prayers.
My thoughts are with Anat, Yaron, Gila, Shir, Onn, Ravid, Boaz, Hadas, Arad and their families, as well as the daughters, husband and grandchild of Larry and Rickie Voit. I think of Rabbi Steve, Patricia Silverman at Yad Vashem and others from the Mobile area who were in Israel this past summer and how their lives have changed in those 17 days. Being so involved in the safety of my everyday routine, I find it sobering to think of the turmoil our friends face living so close to an organized group of people who want nothing less than our destruction.
Also, we can take a moment to pray for an end to the fighting, the safety of the IDF troops and an end to the hate.
Jason Solomon
President MAJF

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